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Why the Cross in Prayer — Ben Goodwin

We too often think of the Cross of Christ as something we have to get through, yet we get through for the purpose of getting into it. The Cross represents only one thing for us—complete, entire, absolute identification with the Lord Jesus Christ—and there is nothing in which this identification is more real to us than in  Read more

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Welcome Ben — New Pax et Amor Writer

I met Mr Ben “Bennie” Goodwin in an Oncologist’s waiting room a couple weeks ago.  He was waiting for one of his family members to finish a treatment and I was waiting to see my Oncologist for a follow-up treatment for my chemotherapy treatments for the brain cancer. In the coming days, including today, we  Read more

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Big Things Begin! Ministry Updates

It amazes me sometimes how things seem to just come together when we just wake up, offer the day up to God (who gave it to us in the first place), and press forward in His Peace.  For God gives us all our Time, Talent, and Treasure.  But He surprise us last week and gave  Read more

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Good Saturday

I wrote the following on Good Friday (when I was taking my last round of chemo to help stave off my terminal brain cancer): Good Friday-What it means to me today As I wake up at dawn on this Good Friday I am tired and feel the effects of a few days of chemotherapy building  Read more

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                    Do you feel shackled up sometimes…like you are locked in a prison?  I know I have at times.  Even if you have never felt that way, there’s a wonderful program called “Unshackled” that will move your heart regardless of your belief. You can probably tune-in  Read more

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Be Not Afraid – Take this Challenge if you haven’t already

In this crazy world of panic, doubt, fear, worry, and Negative News from too many angles, we at Pax et Amor stand up for the Good News.  We feel (and know) that the Good News comes from our Creator, our God, and our Savior named Jesus.  You don’t have to agree with our beliefs (now),  Read more

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