B3- 6 June 14 – The God who Multiplies!

May 31, 2014 Greetings!  Due to some computer issues and our travel schedules we’ve been delayed in putting out Ben’s Bible Bite (B3) for a few weeks.  Here is his latest. Enjoy!  Brian The God Who Multiplies   *Leviticus 26:8 – Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase  Read more

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B3 – 10 April 2014 – Motives for Hearing God

As another Spring season is here, it reminds us of renewing our lives with God through Christ.  Today’s Ben’s Bible Bite gives us key insight to God’s word and how He loves us. Pax et Amor, Brian K. Kissinger Founder/Pastor/CEO- Pax et Amor Inc. ____________________________________________________________________________________   April 10, 2014   Motives For Hearing God    Read more

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B3 – 3-24-14 – NEW Daily Bible Study series

Today starts a new B3 Series with Bennie “Ben” Goodwin leading the way.  You will receive, free of charge, here the food and knowledge to live a rich life with God. Your feedback on these and other Pax et Amor free services (Feed God’s Child program in St Louis, FREE Bibles, etc) is encouraged. p.s.  Read more

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B3 – 3-5-14 – Commended by God

March 5, 2014 As Bennie writes today, we should ONLY boast of God, for to personally claim credit for things in this world is to not truly understand what God (Christ) has done for us in our lives. We sometimes hear, “Love what you do and do what you love.”  I know that is true  Read more

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B3 – 2-26-14 Who Are You?

In this segment of Ben’s Bible Bite, Bennie explains the need for us to personally know Christ and to have Him work through us. Everyone “knows” Jesus…heck even the Devil and his demons know Jesus well, yet how we allow Christ to work through us is the important thing we do in our lives. You  Read more

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B3 – 3 Feb 14 – Wishing to Be Healed

  Today in Ben’s Bible Bite, Bennie provides us with a wonderful teaching from the book of John and the healing of the lame man at the Bethesda pool.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful teaching.  Be well and be healed (in the sweet name of Jesus)! Pax et Amor, Brian __________________________________________________ February 3, 2014  Read more

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